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What Dentist Near Me Can Give Me A Lesson In Tooth Anatomy?

What dentist near me can educate me on the functional and structural aspects of my pearly whites? Diamond Beach Dental can!

Did you know that the majority of Americans think your smile is your most important physical feature? That’s right – both men and women agree that this aspect of your countenance is what they notice first – and what they remember the longest. So, since it’s such a vital aspect of your looks and personality, do you ever stop and wonder how your teeth actually work? You might be thinking, “What dentist near me can explain the ins and outs of my pearly whites?” and if so, Diamond Beach Dental is the practice for you. Learn more about the anatomy of your teeth in this post.

What Is Each Tooth Made Of?

As your premier dentist in Diamond Beach, Dr. Scott Maslow explains that your teeth are made of a multitude of biological parts, including:

  • Enamel – This is the hard outer layer of your tooth. Enamel is what you see when you smile and what is most often affected by tooth decay from what you eat and drink. It’s the hardest substance in your body, and your saliva remineralizes it to protect it from cavities.
  • Dentin – This is the softer inner layer of your tooth that resides under the enamel and above the pulp chamber. It is created in a process called dentinogenesis, during which, odontoblasts in dental pulp secrete the dentin. When cavities become complex, you may notice that the porous, naturally yellow dentin is exposed.
  • Cementum – This is the mineralized connective tissue that resembles bone that covers the roots of teeth and that helps the periodontal (gum) ligament attach firmly to a tooth.
  • Pulp – This is the soft inner center of the tooth that is made up of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves that enter it from the apex (or very bottom tip) of the tooth root.

What Type Of Teeth Do I Have?

Adults generally have between 28 and 32 teeth that are made up of the follow sub-categories:

  • Incisors – These are the flat and sharp “front” teeth on both the top and bottom of your mouth that help you bite into food.
  • Canines – These are the pointy teeth that are located next to the incisors on both the upper and lower arch of your jaw. When people think of vampire movies, these are the teeth they think of.
  • Premolars – Premolars, expectedly, are positioned before your molars and after your canines. They help to grind food when you chew.
  • Molars – These are the very back teeth your mouth. They’re flatter and wider since most of the chewing you do happens here.
  • Wisdom Teeth – Also known as third molars, these are usually removed because they most often cause more problems than they solve. Wisdom teeth used to be an important part of the digestive system back when humans were cavemen and we ate a tougher, more fibrous diet. But as we’ve grown and changed throughout the ages, these basically serve no purpose anymore.

Now that you know what your teeth are made of and what kinds of teeth you have, schedule your appointment with Diamond Beach Dental for a professional exam and cleaning to keep them shining brightly!


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